Real Music with tha RIGHT Message!

Socially conscious soul classics and hits of the `60s and `70s -- Wake Up! cuz tha time iz now & tha movement iz beyond real....... factz

Jay-Z & Warren Buffett Speak Success With Steve Forbes!

This speaks Volumes to me....



Ottawa Camping

Plus shout out 2 Tweed, Ont my second home town!


Sept 7, 2010

"I am officially on the Pursuit of Happiness & I clearly undertand tha task at Hand"

But iz tha World ready?


Thinking out loud....................

Iz it me or for some strange reason media coverage for tha flood in PAKISTAN iz not where it needz 2b? I know tha earth iz dealing with alot of natural issuez right now but we gotta step up regardless! Where r tha celebz at or even tha text donationz?

Like Ed lover would say "C'Mon Son"