R.I.P. MJ i didnt forget U! trussssssssssssssst

Mental Tip.............................

If ur at that stage of ur real Life where u find urself asking "WHY?" pretty often, u might wanna take a real step back & start sayin "WHY NOT!"


We Da Bess Bday Bash

We De Bess out here trusssssssst

Let me Re-Introduce u 2 Dj CIRIUS

This iz Tha Euro swag mixtape all tha way Turnt up! Am a Huge Fan

This iz tha Urban mixtape on deck 4 tha clubz! Tafffff

Jus another casket co sign of strong talent from tha dot

DJ CIRIUS on deck


4 My Sneaker Headz

STS feat ming- Sole Music

Best Shoe Track evvvvvver! Factz

Here at we da bess HQ! we love kickz trussst

Quanche- keep it movin / Vaughan & Oakwood Stand up

This Boi Quanche can Spit & Casket co-signz this home grown raw talent from my endz!

We really do this out here sooo step ur BARZ up!

Luminato First Night

Shout out 2 tha talented Melanie Fiona 4 living her Dream 2 tha fullest & Reppin her Tdot home on such a large scale!

Movie club stand up!


Casket C'z.................. Quote of the real Month

Hustle Smart, Grind Hard, Love Pure, Think Good, Strong Faith, Dream Big & Live Life 2 tha Fullest