I would like 2 introduce Shi Wisdom 2 tha world................

Here at we da bess, We only co-sign real Talentz & Shi fitz that 2 tha TEEEEEEEE!




Plz don't be tha last 1 on this strong Shi Wisdom movement trussssst!

Question of tha Real Day?

What direction do u think tha city iz moving in wit Mr Rob Ford as tha New Mayor of T.O?

Rapz of Wizdom

I plan on being wealthy in my old dayz, but i got RICH thoughtz & POOR habitz addicted 2 tha Money, I'm no different than tha addictz!

R.I.P Stack Bundles


Racist White Lady Calls UPS Man A N**ger!

Wow...there are still some extremely ignorant people out there. This lady is trying to intelligently let this mail man know that he is dumb because he is black. I'm actually disturbed by this film, and usually i am able to brush these things off. But this is just a bit much for me.